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The snow settled on the ground peacefully. It was Christmas Eve and everything was perfect.


Well, almost everything. The fact was, a Finnish man and his (nationality) girlfriend were arguing over the issue of Christmas again.

“Why are you never here?” you screeched at him, “I go to celebrate with you every year just to have you gone all night! Do you know how frustrating that is?”

Your (h/c) hair was damp from the shower you just had. Upon getting out, you saw your loving boyfriend getting ready to leave like he always did this time of year. It had seemed even worse ever since you had moved in with him or perhaps you just noticed more now.

“Listen (Name)...” he pleaded, “I can’t tell you just yet. It hurts me to keep it away from you but it will come in time.”

“NO! I’m sick of you leaving every Christmas Eve! We may as well break up if you can’t tell me!”

Tino sighed gently, “Tomorrow. I’ll tell you tomorrow, I promise.”

You ground your teeth loudly before huffing in defeat, “You better...”

He kissed your cheek lovingly and smiled before leaving. After a minute, you tossed on a jacket, shoes, and a hat before grabbing your keys and running outside to your car. You jumped in, started the car and pulled out of the driveway. Pulling out your phone and putting it on the holder on your car’s dashboard, you opened the app you got just for this occasion and smirked.

A few weeks previous, you installed an app on you and Tino’s phones so you could track him today. Quickly, you followed the map on the app and pulled up to an old warehouse. Turning off the ignition, you got out of the car and jogged up to a small side door. You waited briefly before opening it and slipping inside. It was dark compared to the bright and snowy view of outside and you had to take a minute so your (e/c) eyes could adjust.

There were voices close by and a chill went through you that made you go rigid and still.

“So, this is supposed to be a big year for Tino!” one shouted, “Did you hear his plan for her?”

There was silence after that which you assumed was a silent response. The one sided chattering continued until it faded slowly, after which you slipped from the darkness to a long hall and ended at a big set of red doors. You made your way over and pulled off the hat covering your (h/l), (h/c) locks.

“What plan,” you muttered to yourself, “Does he have...?”

Before you could even put a hand on the door, it flung open and made you fall back. A platinum haired man stood there with a blank expression and a bird on his shoulder. He stared at you a moment and said something under his breath before simply walking past. When he was a few feet away, he turned and sighed.

“Come with me,” he let out simply, “You’re here to see Tino, correct. He may be busy but you’re here already.”

You stood and nodded before following the male to the other end of the hall, leaving behind the red doors. He came to a stop before a garage like door and lifted it, gesturing with one hand to go in. You ducked through quickly and took in your surroundings as the male came in as well. The door slammed down and you jumped slightly.

“Why’d you do that?” you snapped quietly.

He shrugged and walked away, leaving you standing in the middle of the warehouse floor.

There were strings of lights everywhere and several doors around you, each with a large sign on them. You were not really into what they said and so, skipped over the writing. As you were looking around, a large set of doors opened and bright light flooded in from a room to your left. Two men pushed in a large, extravagant sleigh; the type a child would imagine Santa Claus to have. You studied the wood from where you were and were flabbergasted at the in the details you could see from this distance, let alone up close.

“There!” the loud voice from earlier boomed, “Tino is so lucky to have us!”

The man had spiked blond hair which made you question gravity for a moment but quickly pushed the thought away when he looked at you with bright blue eyes.

“Um,” you heard him quiet for the first time, “Why is she here?”

He was hit in the back of the head by a smaller, more feminine looking man, “That’s no way to greet someone.”

“Right, right,” the first of the two ran over and shook your hand roughly, “I’m Mathias, a close friend of Tino’s.”

You blinked but shook his hand briefly before taking it back, “He’s never mentioned you.”

Mathias seemed shocked, “NEVER!? He’s never mentioned me? Let me guess, he’s talked all about the others but nothing about me! Has he told you of Berwald, Lukas and Emil?”

You shook your head, “Sorry, no...”

“This is horri-“ he stopped instantly, “Wait a second. Are you (Name)?” Nodding briefly, he continued, “Of course! He hasn’t told you anything about his friend yet!”


Before you could say anything else, he darted out one door and the other man followed.


Not five minutes late, the door opened again and Tino ran in wearing a red suit like a stereotypical Santa.

“(Name)!” he called, “What are you doing here?”

He appeared worried and relieved at the same time. You took a better look at him before answering. He wore the previously mentioned suit, which fit perfectly, black leather boots and a set of gloves to match. In his hand, he also held a red velvet hat.

“I wanted to know what’s going on Tino.” you said, sounding somewhat embarrassed.

“Well,” he sighed gently, “I guess now is a good a time as any.”

He took your hand and led you to the sleigh before helping you into it. You sat on the large bench in it and looked at how magnificent it all was until Tino sat beside you and took your hands in his.

“(Name),” he looked down, “I’m sorry I’ve kept all this from you. But I’ve learned before that these secrets can be too much for the woman I love. First, I’m not entirely human.”

“What,” you said, confused, “Are you a Time Lord or something?”

He laughed, “No, no, no! You watch too much Doctor Who.”

“I don’t think so!”

“Anyways,” he continued, “I’m not entirely human nor am I at all, a Time Lord. It sounds a little odd, but I’m a country... in a sense.”

You blinked, “What?”

“I’m a country... kind of. I am the human representation of the country of Finland and am immortal as long as my country still exists. I feel every tragedy that happens to my country and people but I also feel everything good that happens.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Not many people do... But what you need to know is that I love you and don’t want to keep any secrets from you anymore. Now, for the second big secret...”

You heard a loud jingling of bells from behind one for the doors before it opened. Mathias and the feminine man walked out carrying a large string of reins you’d see on a sleigh horse; it was covered in bells and looked like it could loop through several harnesses. You raised a brow but kept quiet as another door opened and the man who led you here and a very tall male led in four animals.

“Are those,” you whispered, “Reindeer?”

Tino nodded and grinned as the reindeer were led over to the sleigh just as Mathias brought the reins. You watched in awe as the reindeer went into a line and were prepared.

“These are Dasher, Prancer, Comet, and Donner. Berwald and Emil will get Dancer, Vixen, Cupid, and Blitzen after everything here is good.”

“Wait... Are these Santa’s reindeer?” you gasped.

Tino laughed, “No! They’re mine, silly.”

The two who brought these four went back to the door they came from. Mathias and the other came beside the sleigh to check over everything. You smiled slightly at Mathias and he grinned back.

“You met Mathias, I’m assuming,” when you nodded, the Finnish man continued, “Well, the other here is Lukas.”

You nodded slightly in greeting when Berwald and Emil came back leading the last four reindeer to the sleigh. All eight were prancing in excitement but stayed still enough as to not trample the four men.

“Does Rudolph exist too?” your eyes twinkled at the thought or the red nosed reindeer.

Tino shook his head and the others all chuckled to a degree, “I’m afraid not. Berwald, Mathias, could you two get the presents. Emil, Lukas, would you mind grabbing my present for (Name)?”

All four nodded with different levels of enthusiasm before leaving the area.

“(Name), I hope you realize what all this means,” your love chuckled, “Otherwise, this is awkward.”

You grinned and looked him in the eye, “You’re Santa Claus.”

“Yes,” he kissed your cheek, “But I’m not sure who came up with that name. I’m still your Tino, (Name), Santa or not.”

You both laughed lightly when Lukas walked back over and handed you a box.

“Now, (Name),” Tino said gently, “I can’t take you with me all night or give you a million presents, but I hope this is enough for tonight.”

You nodded and started to unwrap the beautiful gift, only to find a small box among the large quantity of tissue paper within it. You blinked when Tino took it but grinned when he began to open it.

“It’s not how I really planned it to happen, but (Name), will you be my Mrs. Claus?”

You giggled and flung your arms around him, nodding and grinning, “Yes!”


Tino had just dropped you off at home in his sleigh and was now leaving. A grin was plastered on his face and he though back on the large kiss she had given him before rushing in the house. Everything was known to her now, though a thought crossed his mind.

“Now, how do I tell her Berwald considers me his wife...”

NOTE: The title is literally "Secret Santa", it's not a Secret Santa thing for anyone.


Wrote this really quickly because I wanted to do something for Christmas and knew that if I didn't do it now, I'd never do it. So here's something for my Hetalia reader insert watchers.

I'm pretty proud of this personally and think it turned out fairly well, maybe a little rushed. But if people like it, all the better.

This is a one shot and there will be no sequels or continuations for this from me.


I do not own the image, Hetalia, it's characters, or you.

All rights go to their respective owners.

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